The concept behind America’s Health Options is very simple – allow American’s to choose the Health Insurance coverage that’s right for them.

We understand every American has very specific needs in regards to their health coverage, and no two people are alike. An individual has very different needs than a family with two children. A self-employed business owner has different needs compared to a large corporation having many employees.

Our Healthcare solutions meet the Obamacare requirements, are affordable, and give you options that make sense for YOU and your own situation. Providing protection is what Americas Health Options stands for and we’re determined to provide affordable coverage for every American.

Our ‘Options’ plans provide some of the best coverage in the market, and insure against a range of health-related events. We have pioneered a method to package our products, tailor them to your needs, and offer cost-savings of 30% – 50% compared to ACA plans. Put simply, we offer complete coverage to all Americans at a price you can afford.

Feel free to browse our Health Insurance products to find a solution that’s right for you.

America – you still have a Health Insurance option!


Clive Fowler is the Founder, President, and CEO of a combination management firm that provides, consulting, market development and financial literacy concepts for houses of worship, small business firms and municipalities.

Clive serves as the CEO of Americas Health Options LLC. (AHO) and is the Managing Partner for the Guaranteed Legacy Life Accident and Disability program (GLAD) Americas Health Options is an innovative firm that provides alternative health insurance products that allow clients to build a health plan that fits their needs and only pays for what they want and needs.

As managing director of Guaranteed Legacy Life and Accident, he provides a variety of advisory and hands-on Services that enables houses of worship to offer benefits to all members just as corporations offer benefits to their employees. The GLAD program helps to preserve the legacy of houses of worship so that they can continue to be the bedrock of the communities they serve.


After 20 years of working with businesses around the globe, John has narrowed his focus to the health sector and now specializes in providing expertise to health-related business of all sizes. He has provided strategic guidance, creative solutions and measurable results to customers across Australia, Asia, North America and Europe.
As VP Marketing, John ensures that AHO products continue to address market demand and are communicated to those that need it most.

John’s principle belief is that consumers should be aware of every opportunity to improve their health, to secure their future and to gain access to products that improve their lives.

John is founder of Collective Loop, a marketing services business that focuses on the needs of small business. He is also a leader in providing advertising solutions to small businesses.


Are you confused about the Health Insurance options that you need? We have expert advisors that will take time to understand your circumstances and tailor a Health Insurance plan that is right for you. Contact Us today and we will get in touch with you to discuss a range of afforable and comprehensive plan options.