With the new white house administration, a top priority is the repeal of ‘Obamacare’.  When Obamacare was implemented a few years ago, there were parts of it that were good and parts not as well thought out as they should’ve been.  Regardless of political party opinion, Obamacare was a step in the right direction in helping Americans who couldn’t afford healthcare to be able to receive assistance in paying for health insurance.  The group that benefited were those that were not receiving medical assistance already through another federal program.  In the coming months, it will be determined by our policy makers if Obamacare will be repealed, replaced, or revised.

From the perspective of insurance customers, what happens when federal changes take place regarding your policy?  In most instances, policy changes are automatically implemented and your policy is updated.  Your insurance company notifies you of the changes and when they will be implemented.  In the instance of Obamacare or whatever the new regulations may be called, there will be a period of time before those changes take place.  If you are concerned about those changes and how they may affect you, watch for blog information on the Americas Health Options website, or visit the link in this newsletter for the Kaiser Family Foundation which is a non-profit that keeps the American Public informed of changes in healthcare policy.

One of the most positive changes that occurred when Obamacare took effect was the increase of screening tests that were covered 100% for consumers.  One of the ‘loopholes’ that was implemented was leveling of premiums and making all policies contain coverage for maternity, for example, even for those that couldn’t have babies.

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