With this year taking the largest hit for health care insurance premiums, many Americans are wondering when it will end and what can they do.  The Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) has resulted in some carriers pulling out of geographic areas, increased costs due to ratings being leveled (unhealthy people pay what healthy people do), and consumer confusion about their own insurance and options in the insurance provider market.

The New York Times recently reported that even the most affordable plans are expected to rise 11% on average.  The plans that were the least expensive last year in the ‘silver’ category are no longer the most affordable.  So what can you do to help offset cost increases for health insurance?  Consider these tips:

Shop for Solutions.  Shop insurance options that benefit your personal health situation, budget, and are based on coverages you use, not just pay for.

Try a New Healthcare Provider.  Many insurance companies have a list of providers that have negotiated prices, to help keep insurance premiums and costs down.  If you insist on staying with the same provider that’s not on your provider plan, expect to pay more.

Stay Healthy and Protected.  Your overall health is directly tied to healthcare costs for all of us.  Eat healthy, exercise, and avoid harmful habits that can cause serious illness.  Purchase insurances that protect your overall health, such as dental insurance.

Use Those Benefits! Schedule and keep your yearly or bi-yearly exams.  Many times these exams can find health problems before they become bigger permanent issues.

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