Living and working is dangerous. Your chances of becoming hurt and not being able to work is greater than your chance of dying (US Census Department).  So how to you offset the risk of lost wages if you become disabled and can’t work?  Having a short term disability insurance policy in force provides that protection.  Disability Insurance provides insurance for lost wages for a specific amount of time, such as 24 months.

Policies are designed to payout a percentage of lost wages, usually 60-75%, until a determination is made if the injury has resulted in a permanent disability (Social Security Disability Benefit determination) or if recovery and treatment will result in injury improvement.  Some policies are designed to cover maturity leave for a number of weeks.  Regardless, a short term disability policy is designed to relieve some of the financial stress as you recover.  Lastly, most policies have a ‘wait period’ before they start paying benefits.

If you have questions regarding Short Term Disability policies and how they can add another layer of protection for you or your family members, contact me.

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