The American Psychological Society has surveyed Americans for the past seven years, to find the leading causes of stress in their life.  This year’s report (Released April 2016) indicates that the number one cause of stress is money.  In fact, money has been the number one stressor since they started the survey.  Here are highlights from the full report:

·         72% of adults reported feeling stressed about money some of the time during each month, and 22% reported extreme stress about money.

·         Significant sources of ‘money stress’ include (in order of severity) paying for unexpected expenses, everyday living expenses, and retirement.

·         Millennials (ages 18-35 years) and Gen Xers (ages 36-49 years old) report the highest levels of stress (income drops, lack of jobs, just enough money to ‘get by’).

·         Only 37% report they talk about money openly in their household, and 18% report that talking about money is ‘taboo’.

The report points out that there is a direct correlation of ‘money stress’ and poor health.  What our mind perceives to be stressful can overtime cause significant health issues.  High blood pressure, depression, and self-inflicted health problems (smoking, drinking to name a few).

Taking care of yourself and dealing with stresses in your life will help you improve your overall health.  If you need support or resources contact your healthcare provider for options in your area.

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